4 Reasons to Consider Medical Weight Loss in Abilene, TX

When you ask a person what the benefits of losing weight are, some of the first things most people will talk to you about include reducing their pant size and improving their self-esteem. All of these are important benefits of weight loss. However, the health benefits that come from losing weight are extremely powerful. Weight loss can actually improve health conditions. The following are at least four reasons to consider medical weight loss in Abilene, TX.

1) Reversing Type II Diabetes

Extensive research has revealed the link between type II diabetes and obesity. In fact, obesity is the number one risk factor for developing type II diabetes. Medical weight loss can have a drastic effect on that condition. In fact, those who reach a healthy weight and maintain a proper diet can reverse their type II diabetes entirely.

2) Correcting Joint Issues

It only stands to reason that someone who is obese is putting a lot of extra weight on their joints and muscles. Medical weight loss can help an individual reduce the pain they experience from this excess pressure. Multiple studies have shown that individuals who were experiencing painful joints and other pains in their body when they were obese adults did not have the same problems six months or one year after they lost the weight. Researchers have also shown that weight loss can help reverse chronic inflammation connected to rheumatoid arthritis.

3) Longer Lifespan

Medical weight loss programs are not just diet fads. Their goal is to teach a person how to change their relationship with food. As a result, many who go through a medical weight loss program are able to stick to a healthier diet and exercise program for a lot longer. This leads to increased mobility and longevity. Researchers have concluded that obesity can shorten an individual’s lifespan by up to two decades. It only stands to reason that losing weight and keeping it off can help a person live longer.

4) Improving or Eliminating Hypertension.

Research has shown that hypertension disappears in approximately 60 percent of patients who lose large amounts of weight. What makes medical weight loss so sustainable is that in addition to interacting with medical professionals like doctors and nurses, a person going through a medical weight loss program also has access to behavioral therapists and psychiatrists. These professionals help the patient understand why they have such a negative connection to food.

The aesthetic and emotional benefits that come from losing weight after a medical weight loss program are amazing. However, the health benefits that a life of healthy eating and exercise can produce in a person are even more important. If you’re ready to start your journey toward better health, the trusted experts at Neosculpt Laser Vein and Cosmetic Center are ready to help. Contact our office in Abilene, TX to get started.

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