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Are Spider Veins Permanent?

Spider veins get their name from the fact that they often branch out right below the surface of your skin, in a pattern that mimics a spider’s web. These small veins might look red, blue, or purple. You probably don’t care much about their color, though. You’re more concerned about what they do to the overall appearance of your skin.

Many people with spider veins wait for them to go away on their own. Often, that waiting is disappointing. That’s why Nikunj Patel, MD, FACC, offers a variety of vein removal treatments at Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abilene, Texas. Keep reading to learn more about how spider veins can last and how to get rid of them quickly if you need to. 

How long spider veins last

Spider veins most commonly appear on your face or legs. In some cases, they appear as a result of pregnancy or a certain medication. If you noticed your spider veins during pregnancy or shortly after you started taking a new prescription, you may be in luck. Resources from Harvard Health Publishing say that spider veins as a result of pregnancy or medication might disappear after several months. 

Otherwise, the presence of veins near the surface of your skin is probably a permanent change in your body. You can wait a few months to see if they fade, but spider veins without an outside cause like a prescription or pregnancy usually don’t go away on their own. 

Fortunately, Dr. Patel has a number of treatment options he can use to reduce the appearance of spider veins. 

How to get rid of spider veins

If you’re interested in a treatment to get rid of your spider veins, don’t wait to make an appointment with our team at Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Patel and our expert staff can talk you through your options so you can choose the right one for your cosmetic goals. 

Some of the treatments we offer include:

Laser therapy

With this treatment, Dr. Patel directs a laser safely through your skin into your spider veins. The veins absorb the laser’s light energy, causing the walls of the veins to collapse. Your body redirects blood flow to healthy veins elsewhere in the area and slowly starts to absorb the treated veins. As your body absorbs them, your spider veins fade from the surface of your skin. 


Sclerotherapy works similarly, but with this treatment, Dr. Patel causes your veins to seal shut by injecting them with an irritant. As the veins seal, your body absorbs them and their appearance fades. 

If your spider veins don’t respond to these treatments, we have more advanced treatments as well. Ultimately, our goal is to give you the clear, even, vein-free skin of your dreams. 

To find out more about your spider vein removal options, call our team at Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center or make an appointment online today. We look forward to helping you get rid of your spider veins. 

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