Laugh Through Your Lipo with a New Technique That Tickles

Surgery that tickles? Yes, if you’ve chosen the giggle liposuction offered by Dr. Nikunj Patel at the NeoSculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abilene, Texas. Also known as nutational infrasonic liposculpture, this body sculpting surgical procedure changes the effects on your body when compared with conventional liposuction. Not only is the procedure virtually painless, but the motion of the liposuction cannula that breaks up fat cells for removal also creates low-frequency vibrations that can actually tickle you.

How the giggle lipo works

Understanding the giggle lipo goes back to the formal name for the process. The word “nutation” refers to a movement or oscillation, while infrasonic means below the level of normal human hearing. A cannula is a hollow tube used in liposuction. The giggle lipo technique uses a special cannula that uses air pressure to cause nutation at a vibration speed of 10 hertz, or 10 cycles per second. Humans hear down to about 18 hertz, so the cannula vibration is inaudible.

However, you can often feel these vibrations, and under the right conditions, you’ll be tickled. However, you’re not having liposuction for the chuckles. It turns out this mirth-inducing frequency is ideal for breaking up fat tissue without heat. This fat is then harvested through the hollow cannula. Because the tissue hasn’t been warmed during the extraction process, it’s ideal for fat transplantation procedures.

Giggle lipo advantages

Because the giggle lipo cannula can both liquefy and harvest fat, only a single incision is needed for this type of lipo. It’s also faster than conventional liposuction, and it causes less damage to surrounding tissue. Your procedure is performed under local anesthetic and recovery is typically faster than other techniques.

You may even require less anesthetic because the low-frequency sound waves also create a natural numbing action. The giggle lipo is one of the most comfortable fat removal surgeries you can have. And not only are you removing fat cells, but the nature of the giggle lipo also stimulates collagen growth in the treatment area, bringing a youthful vitality to your skin.

There’s less bruising with the giggle lipo and less risk of edema, or fluid retention, in the treatment zone. The giggle lipo is also ideal for fat sculpting virtually anywhere on the body.

Giggle lipo treatment areas

 You can choose giggle lipo to reduce fat in the following areas:

Are you a candidate?

The giggle lipo procedure is ideal for reducing pockets of subdermal fat, deposits that are often stubborn and difficult to address through diet or exercise. This treatment is ideal for anyone in robust health who wants to tone and tighten their bodies. While it’s possible you’ll lose weight during a giggle lipo, it’s a body sculpting procedure rather than a weight-loss method.

Any cosmetic surgery procedure starts with an open and frank discussion with your surgeon about your goals and expectations. Dr. Patel can assure your plan is achievable as well as advising you on the most suitable procedures to bring your dreams to life. Contact NeoSculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Center by phone or use the Request Now tool on the website to arrange your personal consultation. Get started on the New You today. 

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