What is the Best Filler for My Smile Lines?

In our youth, we pay little attention to our skin and assume we will be one of the luckier folks who show zero signs of aging. Although, the older we grow, the more we notice fine lines and wrinkles settling in, and the more we may feel self-conscious as a result. If you are struggling with premature or advanced signs of aging on your face, you may be looking into various medical procedures or topical creams to assist in slowing the process. Fortunately, there are many high-quality products and procedures on the market and in the medical field that can help you. If you are seeking help within a targeted area, you may notice that your smile lines are typically more prominent and one of the first areas on the face to visibly show your age.

Luckily, there may be a better anti-aging treatment available for your skin than over-the-counter products. Fillers, otherwise known as injectable treatments, may come in several formulas, and can target just about every area imaginable, including your smile lines. If you are weighing your possible filler choices and are looking to regain a youthful appearance, here are two of the best fillers that can be used for smile lines.

• For smile lines, nasolabial folders, and other types of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose areas, Radiesse® is a great option.
• Juvederm® is another sought-after filler that promises similar results, but offers different benefits as well.

If you are considering whether or not you want to try receiving fillers for your fine lines and wrinkles, it would be best to schedule a consultation with a true expert, such as the team at Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abilene. With the help of fillers, you may be able to minimize the appearance of fine smile lines and other wrinkles and get back to feeling like yourself again. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more!

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