What is the Purpose of a Fat Transfer?

By now, it is very likely that you have heard about fat transfer procedures. However, you may not completely understand how they are performed or what their purpose is. We invite you to learn about the purpose of and benefits that come from fat transfers.

A fat transfer involves taking fat from one area of the body and then injecting it into another area. The fat is cleansed and may be injected with different techniques in order to provide amazing benefits once it is injected into the new area. It is a perfect option for individuals who have excess fat in one area and not enough in another.

Fat transfer procedures are often performed in order to add fullness to the breasts, buttocks, face, and other parts of the body. It is not uncommon for an individual to have volume loss in different parts of their body. The purpose of this treatment is to plump specific areas and create a more attractive appearance.

As we get older, our skin gets thinner. Because of this, our skin does not have the same volume that it did in our younger years. This causes us to look tired and aged. It makes our skin start to sag. When fat is taken from an area where it is abundant and then injected into an area where it is lacking, the results can be incredible.

Something that is good for individuals to know is that fat injections look and feel natural. The procedure is a natural way to pump up the volume in the treated area.

If you are ready to enhance your face, hands, butt, or breasts and you want results that look natural, make an appointment at Neosculpt Laser Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Abilene and learn more information about a fat transfer. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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