When to Consider PDO Threadlifting for Sagging Skin

While cosmetic injectables can certainly address some of the signs of aging, there’s only so much they can do for sagging skin. If your skin laxity has reached a point where fillers aren’t enough, you should know that you have a nonsurgical option.

Rather than choosing a face lift and dealing with the month or more of major downtime, you can get tighter, more lifted skin with a polydioxanone (PDO) threadlift. 

Nikunj Patel, MD, FACC, offers this minimally invasive way to address sagging skin right here at Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center. To skip the major surgery and still get remarkable results, don’t hesitate to ask us if a PDO threadlift could be right for you. 

How PDO threadlifting works

There’s a reason the PDO threadlift market is growing — and fast. This treatment gives you a safe, effective, and convenient way to lift and tighten skin. 

Specifically, during a threadlift, Dr. Patel threads the PDO suture under the surface of your skin where you have laxity. These PDO threads are made from the same material as surgical sutures. In other words, they’re a safe, effective way to tighten sagging skin.

By using a specialized cannula, Dr. Patel can place the PDO thread under the surface of your skin to lift and anchor it. This gives you immediate effects, helping you look younger without the extensive downtime of a face lift. 

PDO threadlifting can be used on your face, but it’s also effective for sagging skin on the neck. 

Long-term outlook for PDO threadlifting

If the suture is absorbable, you might be wondering about the longevity of the results from your PDO threadlift.

The good news is that when the suture absorbs, it leaves behind a support structure for your skin. When Dr. Patel places the PDO thread, the minimally invasive treatment triggers your skin’s collagen production processes. Collagen, a protein, keeps your skin tight and supple.

By the time your skin absorbs the PDO thread, the fresh network of collagen takes its place, giving you lasting lifting and tightening effects. In fact, the results from a PDO threadlift can last for years.

And because the treatment itself comes with next-to-no downtime, whenever you’re ready to address any new skin sagging you observe, you can get another convenient PDO threadlift treatment. 

You don’t have to go under the knife to address skin laxity. If you’re ready to see if a PDO threadlift is the right option for your sagging skin, call Neosculpt Laser Vein & Cosmetic Surgery Center or request your appointment online today. 

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