Why a Fat Transfer Procedure Could Be the Perfect Fix For Your Body

When it comes to feeling really confident in just about any situation — professional or social — knowing you look your best is one of the best ways to make a great impression. While it’s certainly important not to place too much stock in a person’s appearance, as humans, we do tend to make at least some judgments based on first impressions, and a lot of that has to do with the way we look. When we know we look good, it just makes sense we’d feel more confident, and that means we can feel more positive about other areas of our lives as well.

Of course, few of us are born with perfectly proportioned bodies, and even if we feel confident about our face and our bodies when we’re young, age can certainly take its toll, causing sagging, wrinkling and a reduced sense of attractiveness. Dermal fillers can be really effective in restoring lost volume in your face, and implants can help “plump up” other areas of your body, like your breasts or buttocks (as well as your face). But although these options can be helpful in adding volume, they do have drawbacks. And often, those drawbacks can be significant enough to give you second thoughts about getting the treatment you need to feel more confident and more attractive.

At Neosculpt Laser Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center, we help patients add volume without using synthetic fillers or implants; instead, we use a popular technique called fat transfer or fat grafting. Fat transfer offers plenty of benefits for women and men, allowing them to define contours, add curves or simply combat the signs of aging. Here’s how it works.

Benefits of fat transfer

Fat transfer works by taking fat from one area of the body where it’s not wanted and transferring it to an area where volume is lacking. During the fat transfer procedure, fat is harvested from one area of your body using liposuction. Then the fat is cleansed and purified before being reinjected into the donor site. Fat transfer is the “magic” that’s behind the popular Brazilian butt lift, and of course, it can also be used to add volume in the cheeks and lips, to plump up the back of your hands so veins become less visible, and even to augment your breasts.

While at first, fat transfer may seem comparable to fillers and implants with regard to the results it can achieve, it actually offers lots of benefits over those two volume-enhancing treatments.


The first benefit: It’s not an invasive surgical procedure like implant procedures can be. The fat transfer procedure is minimally invasive, which means your recovery will be relatively quick and comfortable.

No risk of allergies

Because fat transfer uses your own tissue, you don’t have the same risks for allergic reactions and outright rejection that you can have with both dermal fillers and implants. That means you can feel confident your treatment will “take,” and you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable or even dangerous reactions.

More natural results

Both synthetic fillers and implants can tend to look and feel firmer and harder than natural fat tissue. That’s just the nature of synthetic materials. With a fat transfer, your results will feel like natural tissue because the fat that’s used is natural tissue. In fact, other than you and your doctor, no one will know that little extra plumpness and fullness weren’t what Mother Nature originally intended.

You’ll lose fat where it’s not wanted

While the fat transfer process isn’t intended for weight loss (it doesn’t take out that much fat), by removing fat from areas where it’s not wanted, fat transfer can provide you with better contours in “problem” areas. That means not only can fat transfer improve volume in the target area, but it can also provide some contour improvement in the donor site as well.

It’s long-lasting

While dermal fillers will eventually “wear off,” requiring additional procedures to maintain volume, fat cells that are relocated during a fat transfer process become part of your natural tissue in that area, which means the results of your fat transfer can last indefinitely.

Learn how fat transfer can help you look your best

Fat transfer offers a lot of the same benefits as synthetic dermal fillers and implants, but without the risks and hard-to-predict results. To learn more about fat transfer procedures at Neosculpt Laser Vein and Cosmetic Surgery Center or to schedule a consultation, book an appointment online today.

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